Hobbyist Education

A fierce rivalry is healthy, and unquestionably beneficial. It implies significant effort and means there is an unwavering commitment to an ultimate goal.

Within the Australian Beekeeping Industry, there has been an age-old rivalry between commercial and hobbyist apiarists.

At Nuplas Group, we intend to dispel the idea that beekeeping can only be done one way. Instead, by driving innovation and education, we want to create an industry culture of mutual change and collaboration.

A culture where education is paramount in assisting hobbyist beekeepers to embark on better, more sustainable beekeeping practices. A culture where commercial beekeepers are understanding and willing to share their experiences in the interest of hobbyist beekeepers.

We believe that our dedication to engineering cutting edge, plastic beehives and offering affordable solutions to all beekeepers is promoting ‘better beekeeping’ on several fronts.

Our plastic beekeeping products have been masterfully designed to minimise maintenance. As such, our hives are far less susceptible to microscopic menaces and nasty diseases; a clear advantage for any beekeeper.

At Nuplas Group we work with commercial and hobbyist beekeepers alike to collaborate and recognise a mutual passion for beekeeping. Through education and collaboration, we can all work together to better the beekeeping industry.