An innovative force in the apiculture industry


About Nuplas

At Nuplas Apiarist Supplies, we have developed an innovative product that we believe will drive huge cost benefits and massive time savings for the apiarist industry.

Our products and systems can help streamline the traditional processes of commercial apiarists, helping them benefit (as well as their bottom lines).

For the hobbyist beekeeper and amateurs alike, we have efficient systems that get you on your way to ‘better beekeeping’ straight out of the box. At Nuplas Apiarist Supplies we are extremely aware of the need for education and we want to help all hobbyists become better beekeepers. That is why we have a range of educational resources to help contribute to the improvement of all amateur apiarists.

Born from Innovation

As a subsidiary of Nuplas Group who have been producing custom plastic solutions since 2006, we have access to cutting edge plastics technology to support our production of innovative apiarist products and solutions that drive better beekeeping now and into the future.

What we believe

Our internal passion is to influence positive change in the apiarist industry.

Our external promise is to help change the industry perspective and perception of plastic and to contribute to creating better commercial and amateur beekeepers.

Our functional promise is to provide the industry with new technology and a wide range of products and solutions for all apiarists.

Industry knowledge

Although Nuplas Apiarist Supplies are not commercial apiarists, we’ve worked closely with the industry to understand what you need to become better beekeepers. Our proven success in both the commercial and amateur sectors have resulted in our increased market share in the apiarist industry.

On top of all this, our staff are very well-versed in apiculture and work collaboratively with the industry to constantly innovate and produce solutions and products that are commercially proven and tested.


We are in constant conversation with the industry; commercial and amateur apiarists alike. We have listened to you and have heard what you are looking for. As our injection moulding process is vastly more adaptable than a timber solution, we make and adjust our products and solutions to suit ever-changing industry needs.

As a result, we believe our innovative approach to a traditional market can help increase productivity, education and help sustain existing and new bee colonies.


Our approach is simple. We do not align ourselves with any movements, clubs or companies. Our impartiality allows us to look at the industry as a whole. We then tailor and provide solutions and products that have a positive holistic outcome for all apiarists.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits of our plastic hives over traditional timber ones, is the huge process efficiencies it brings to the whole industry.

Speed to market, ease of use and the low maintenance nature of our hives will save you a lot of money in the long run.

To highlight these advantages, we have prepared a comparison chart of the benefits of plastic versus timber hives.