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Hive Assembly

We have comprehensive assembly videos for all the products we manufacture. From our boxes, lids and bases to our pollen trap and clearer board. Everything you need to know about assembly can be found right here. Still have more questions? Then get in touch and contact us.

Bee Box Assembly

How to assemble a full depth box.

Ideal Box Assembly

How to assemble an ideal depth

Base Assembly

How to assemble a base board

Folding Nuc Box

How to fold a corflute nuc box

Lifting Cleats

How to fix a lifting cleat

Beetle Trap Assembly

How to assemble a Nuplas Beetle Trap


Different types of lids explained


Different types of bases explained

Clearer Boards

Different types of clearer and divider boards explained

Spring Clips

How to fix a spring clip

Frames and Foundation

Different frames and foundation sheet explained

Plastic Foundation

Different foundation sheet explained

Cut Comb

Ideal Cut Comb frame explained

Drills & Bits

Recommended Drills and Drill Bits explained


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