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Hobbyist Beekeeping

Keeping bees is a big responsibility. They need work, care and the right attention to protect them from disease and other nasty things that can harm or destroy entire colonies. That’s why we’re here to help. We provide the right solutions to keep a colony alive, and the proper education required to help you become a better beekeeper.

Here at Nuplas Apiarist Supplies we have everything you’d need to get your beekeeping passion underway. For beginners, we have the complete starter kit, and for the more experienced and club enthusiasts, we have all the hives and accessories needed to keep your colonies thriving.

We care about bees and we want you to as well!

That’s why we strive to provide you with the right tools and knowledge to improve your general practices and make you a better beekeeper. Our plastic hives and products take all the complexities of traditional beekeeping away and simplifies it to make the process more approachable and attainable to the hobbyist beekeeper.

If you’re a beginner, we can help you hit the ground running thanks to our complete Starter Kits.

If you’re a seasoned hobbyist, our merchandise uses the standard Langstroth dimensions, so our products can seamlessly integrate into your current hives with minimal disruption to your colonies.

Traditionally, beekeeping has been done with timber hives, making the maintenance process quite daunting to the novice beekeeper. But thanks to our innovative plastic hives and accessories, starting and maintaining your very own colonies has never been easier. Given all the pros and cons of plastic versus timber hives, we have identified that plastic – given all of its positives – actually streamlines beekeeping.

Once you’ve ordered your Nuplas beehive systems, have a look at our ‘better beekeeping’ educational resources and links to help you (and your bees) get the best out your experience.

The Nuplas Starter Kit has all the bits and pieces for you to simply make your dream come true. Once you have unwrapped the box, all you need to do is get into the bee suit, get your smoker going and track down a bee colony to place in your new hive and sit back and watch your honey flow.