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Nuplas Apiarist Supplies is an Australian market leader in beekeeping supplies

Producing innovative plastic alternatives to traditional timber beehives using state-of-the-art injection moulding solutions offered under our parent company — Nuplas Group.

After many years of extensive research, development and product testing, Nuplas launched their plastic beehives into the market in 2013. With quality timber becoming scarcer and more expensive, we are proud to offer a sustainable and low maintenance alternative to the apiculture industry.

At Nuplas, we believe the Beehives and products offered will drive huge cost benefits and massive time savings for the apiarist industry.

Our products and systems can help streamline the tedious old traditional processes of apiarists, helping them benefit (as well as their bottom lines). For the new beekeeper, we have efficient systems that get you on your way to ‘better beekeeping’ straight out of the box.

Nuplas Hive Sets

Hive Sets – Made from recycled plastic, our hive sets come in either an 8 or 10 frame option and are available in single, double or triple configurations.

Check the catalogue for specifications and get in contact with Nuplas to discuss purchasing and reselling.

Single Hive Set
Double Hive Set
Triple Hive Set

Breakdown of the Nuplas Plastic Bee Hive

Our unique plastic bee hive design has many benefits and innovative components. Designed for both commercial and hobbyist beekeepers, our products and systems help streamline the traditional processes of the apiary.

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Nuplas Nuc Hive

Introducing our latest Australian-made, high-quality 5-frame plastic Nuc Box from Nuplas Apiarist Supplies.

Our plastic Nuc Box is an excellent replacement to the corflute folding Nucs. The Nuplas Nuc Box has been manufactured in our Swan Hill plant and takes up to 5 full-depth frames. It can be stacked when empty as well as in use with the lid and base interlocking. A very robust & durable Nuc Box with UV protection additives and can be used multiple times and is very easy to clean.

Nuplas Top Feeder

Our new Top Feeder is perfect for the passionate beekeeping enthusiast wanting to help feed and maintain the health of their bees.

A strong, unique solid plastic design, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the Nuplas beehive. Designed to be placed on top of a hive, it’s easy to fill and monitor. It’s also UV stable and has a large capacity which reduces the need to check and refill the feeder.

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Nuplas Benefits

We are in constant conversation with the industry; commercial and amateur apiarists alike. We have listened to you and have heard what you are looking for. As our injection moulding process is vastly more adaptable than a timber solution, we make and adjust our products and solutions to suit ever-changing industry needs.

As a result, we believe our innovative approach to a traditional market can help increase productivity, education and help sustain existing and new bee colonies.

Improve quality

Extra time to focus on your bees coupled with enhanced ability to easily control any diseases means purer product in terms of quantity and quality.

Save time

Eliminate time consuming painting of wooden hives and enjoy more time to focus on the best part of beekeeping — your bees.

Reduce cost

With no need to spend on maintenance supplies, including paint or labour, your bottom line will stay firmly in the black (and yellow).

Better bee health

Feel confident about bee health as you eliminate paint toxins that come with painted timber hives plus the benefits of using HiveAlive, Apicarb and other food supplements, so your bees thrive, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Innovation in Beekeeping


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