Better Beekeeping Industry

Tradition is important, no denying it. Within the Australian Beekeeping Industry, tradition exists in the form of wooden beehives that for decades have been at the core of many apiarists’ livelihoods.

At Nuplas Apiarist Supplies, we strongly recognise the importance of this tradition.

At the same time, our core ethos of influencing positive change within the industry is constantly driving us to explore ways to facilitate ‘better beekeeping.’

We are steadfast in our belief that transitioning to plastic solutions is at the forefront of ‘better beekeeping.’

So while we strongly encourage all serious beekeepers to make this transition, we recognise that a drastic and sudden overhaul may not always deliver positive outcomes.

This is why we’ve crafted the majority of our plastic beekeeping products to seamlessly adapt to your current wooden beehives, making the transition smooth and consistent with current practice.

Within beekeeping circles, there has been a steady influx of power players making the transition from wooden to plastic solution.

It’s easy to see why. Our quality plastic beehives and accessories are more resistant against harsh outdoor elements. This in turn makes the beekeeping process more cost-effective, which is a clear benefit to both commercial and hobbyist beekeepers.

Most importantly, Nuplas Apiarist Supplies is committed to providing all the tools and education necessary to assist all beekeepers to be sustainable in their approach.

As plastic beehives become the new normal, Nuplas Apiarist Supplies are proud to be the driving force behind an industry-wide commitment to ‘better beekeeping.’

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