100% natural

Australian made

Improves Colony Strength

No animal by-products


Full of antioxidants

Introducing BEE-COMPLETE Banana Feed Supplement

BEE-COMPLETE is essential at times when pollen availability is reduced or when there is an increased demand in energy for colonies during production.

The primary aim is to ensure that the colony strength is maintained and improved and that they are in the best condition for withstanding winter, thus reducing losses.

BEE-COMPLETE is scientifically formulated by Mother Nature to provide the nutritional inputs for sustained energy and improves longevity, productivity and overall colony health. Improved bee health increases pollination and honey production, and the viability and liveability of colonies across the globe.

Pure ingredients

100% whole green dried bananas! There are no other additives in our BEE-Complete products other than whole dried green bananas which have been processed and milled into a muesli consistency.

3 Ways it Helps Your Bees’ Well-Being

Honey bees possess an innate immune system, also know as individual immunity. Their system includes physical barriers, as well as cellular and humoral responses, which are generalist in nature, and allow them to defend themselves against a wide variety of infectious and parasitic organisms.

Honeybees need nutrients for growth and development other than sugar including carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. BEE-COMPLETE is natures answer to enable bees to:

Improve their overall health. Burning of fuels at a cellular level creates a degree of oxidative stress, and the wide spectrum of antioxidant compounds can assist in improving colony health.

Phyto-active molecules to provide antioxidant protection.

Starch for pre-biotics and slow-release energy.

Three convenient package sizes available

How to use Bee-Complete

Feeding can be dry feeding in feeder boxes, or can be used directing in hive, within the brood chamber through a light dusting on the brood frames. Given it is 100% natural, it can also be made into mixtures to provide that added benefit or feed on its own. Applying a heavy sprinkle over brood queen excluder has demonstrated strong benefits in the treatment of chalkbrood.


To minimise winter losses, build stronger colonies and improve intestinal wellbeing; use every autumn.


To maximise colony buildup, prepare for migration and improve intestinal wellbeing; use every spring.