Thanks for supporting your club!

Thanks for supporting your club! Make a purchase online and we will donate 3% of your order to your nominated club. Great clubs help better beekeepers and we are all about better beekeeping, that’s why at Nuplas Apiarist Supplies we want to give back to the clubs that are helping our beekeepers!

Beekeeping clubs and associations are popping up all over the country. The industry is growing on all fronts and from amateur to professional, beekeepers turn to clubs for support in the industry, it is where a wealth of knowledge is shared. This is important for an industry that is so complex and reliant on this knowledge. For the best part it is volunteer work that makes the clubs tick, however in today’s world even volunteers need financial support. There are costs in maintaining buildings, rent, resources and equipment. All these things make the club/association so great and enjoyable to be a part of so why shouldn’t you support your club?

If you think The Nuplas Club Assist Program would improve your club and you would like to get on board, download the information pamphlet and take it to your committee.

Any beekeeping club/association. Members of the club are the key, the more members that are buying the greater the accumulative kitty will be.