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Your ‘Club Members’ are the key…
the more they spend, the greater the kickback!

Thank you for your interest in our amazing new initiative for all Beekeeping Clubs and Associations throughout Australia and beyond. We are sure you will see great benefit from this program and hope to see you jump on board.

With the Nuplas Club Assist Program, Beekeeping Clubs, Associations, State Branches can all benefit from their individual members purchasing Nuplas Apiarist products online.

By simply directing your members to purchase from our online shop, you will receive a 3% commission on all sales made by members of any registered club or association. This amount is then issued to each Club/Association on a quarterly basis.

All you need to do is fill out the ‘Application Form’ provided, and we will do the rest. Your Club/Association’s name will then be listed in the ‘Dropdown Box’, after the ‘Billing Details’ at the bottom of the ‘Checkout’ page on the Nuplas Apiarist Supplies website. Your members then nominate the Club/Association from the list and your Club/Association receives the 3% kickback from the total sale price.

At the end of every quarter, a report will be generated and issued to you, with a list of transactions specific to your membership online sales. The 3% tally will be stated and issued to your Club/Association – and what’s more – there is no cost at all to your Club/Association for participating.

Your members will reap the benefits when your Club’s financial position grows and allows greater social events, field days or facilities simply by buying online with Nuplas… how you spend your Club/Association’s kitty is completely up to you!

Any Beekeeping Club or Association is invited to participate in the Nuplas Club Assist program.

Your ‘Club Members’ are the key.

The more of your members that buy online from Nuplas Apiarist Supplies, the greater your Club/Association’s accumulative kitty will be!

Beekeeping Clubs and Associations are popping up all over the country. The industry is growing on all fronts, and from amateurs to professionals alike, beekeepers turn to clubs for support in the industry – it is where a wealth of knowledge is shared.

This is important for an industry that is so complex and reliant on this knowledge. For the best part, it is volunteer work that makes the Club/Association tick along, however in today’s world even volunteers need financial support. There are costs involved in maintaining buildings, rent, resources and equipment.

All these things make every Beekeeping Club/Association so great and enjoyable to be a part of… so why shouldn’t you support your club?

As a Club/Association, to ensure you get the most out of the program, it is important that you advise all members – existing and new – on how to select ‘your club’ at checkout to ensure your club will receive the 3% kickback.

All new Club/Association members, will need a run down on how to buy online at nuplasapiaristsupplies.com.au and correctly find their ‘Club Name’ in the ‘Dropdown Box’ at ‘Checkout’.

From there it’s easy! Simply go about shopping as normal and our website will take care of the 3% contribution at the ‘Checkout’ stage.

It’s that simple!

You now know how easy it is to make your Club/Association some extra cash, just for buying online with Nuplas!

Let us help you take your beloved Club or Association to the next level.


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